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Clients Testamonials

jim did a wonderful job on my rugs, i thought for sure we would be replacing them

but jim used his magic to make them look new. and thanks for removing the bleach spots in

my bathroom, looks great.

                          lorna robinson homosassa, fl               

Best service we have ever had in crystal river in the last 10 years!

Lee Simon

Crystal river, fl    

We are extremely pleased with the hallway and the bedrooms upstairs,

never thought the downstairs hallway would

look like new as it does.

Susan Sullivan, Crystal River       

Absolute excellance and very polite. Would never consider having anyone else in the

future. Thank you again

Mrs. Marise Worthy               Homosassa, fl

i was very pleased with DCS. They showed up early and better than that,

removed stains and dirt i never thought possible. They are meticulous and

take time to ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. In addition they

do excellent repairs to your carpet. Thanks soooooo much!

Mary Oesterle, crystal river

The service was excellent and the value was great.

I am very Satisfied.

D. Dickinson, Floral city, florida  


Service, courteous and cleaning all excellent.

Excellent job, the best ever

Rita Lattin, Crystal river, fl    


Service, cleaning and overall rating, Very good

Dorothy Scranton Homosassa, fl   

Jim Drake is very courteous and informative on what and how he does

his cleaning business. he takes time to explain so we feel at ease.

The carpet looks bright afterwards and he certainly does a great job

at getting stains out. I recommend him very highly to friends and neighbors.

Beth Tarnowski, Homosassa, Fl    


I am more than happy to recommend jim drake for carpet cleaning services, he even came back the following week to make sure i was satisfied. I will continue to use his services. He went the extra mile for me. His coloring a bleach spot on my carpet was outstanding.

Buck Baxter, Citrus springs florida                      


How Was it.                                     good             fair             poor

Service                                               X

Courteous                                           X

Cleaning                                             X

Value                                                  X

Overall Rating                                    X

How do we stack up to those other companies.       Much better

Would you recommend us to friends and family.           YES

How often do you have you carpets cleaned.

Once a year                 6 mths              3mths


NAME: Billie Bowman                                  City: Citrus Springs, fl                   


Excellent service, the best i have found-no need to look any further.

i will certainly call jim again and recommend him to friends and neighbors.

Delores Tinnen Homosassa,     


Service, excellent.

cleaning, excellent

value, excellent

You stack up much better than the other cleaners

i have used in the past

I will recommend jim to others

M. Millikin Homosassa,


Services was excellent. i will recommend jim to anyone needing

carpet services.

Art Sipley Beverly Hills,  


The work was done in a very efficient manner. with 2 pets there

was a great deal to be done and i was extremely pleased with

the out come and would recommend Drake Carpet Services.

Helen Maidhof, Inverness, fl  


Service was excellent, my carpet and tile/grout looked like

new again. Great job!

I will recommend Drake Carpet services

Sue Wager, Beverly hills


Excellent job! We will definitly be repeat customers.

Kim Eid, Beverly Hills  


Mr. Drake was very thorough in explaining his process. My carpet looks wonderful and i will definatly use again and refer him to others

Elizabeth Truesdale,               Inverness, FL

This was/is an excellent service. D.C.S. is professional, courteous and very meticulous about cleaning carpet. Definatly an excellent value.

We will have our carpt cleaned every year w/Drake carpet services.

Kelly Bradbury, Citrus springs, FL

The service was excellent, thanks the carpet looks & smells great!

Judy Spinelli, Beverly hills,FL 

Your services and cleaning was excellent, my tile looks brand new

Katherine Marcus, crystal river            

Dear Mr Drake,        Nov 12, 2007

We are all quick to complain about a job poorly done but seem to neglect to show appreciation for a job well done.

When i first saw the torn and stained carpet after tenants moved out, my first impression was that we would have to

install new carpet. I saw your advertisement and decided to call and try your services. I had previously tried a couple

 of the "nationally known" cleaners and had been soely disappointed. I can only say that i was astounded when you

 finished.... the carpet looked new.

The repair that you did at the bedroom door was undetectable even when i knew where it had been done. I can only

say that you will be doing any future carpet work for me regardless of whether it is my home or one of my rental properties.

 I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so. I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent

work and professionalism

                                             sincerely Kerry Fowler, Homosassa 

My experience with dcs was great, they were better than

the bigger companies i have used. Found you in the phone book

and overall your service was great. I highly recommend your company.

Rosemarie Vanduzzer

Crystal river   

Dear Jim

I want to thank you very much for the wonderful job you did on my carpets at my home.

Never did i dream that they could be cleaned.

I would recommend your company to any one. Again thank you very much.


William Burton

All was excellent and will recommend.

Will be calling again when needed.

Nancy Mcnelis, Beverly Hills FL