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Frequently Asked Questions

Will having my carpet cleaned cause it to re-soil more rapidly?

No. If it was cleaned properly, rinsed thoroughly and no residue

was left in the carpet, it should not re-soil more rapidly.

Will carpet protector i.e. Teflon, keep my carpets from getting dirty?

While teflon is a carpet protector, it will not keep your carpet from getting dirty.

Teflon when applied correctly will not allow staining of the carpet fibers, making

spills easy to clean up and not damaging the fiber.

When I am cleaning up spills and spots should I scrub hard to remove the spot?

No, aggressive scrubbing will damage the carpet fiber. Blot with a towel or

tap with a light brush and apply pressure. 

How often should I clean my carpet?

Refer to your carpet warranty. Normally once every 12 months unless you have

kids and pets in which case you may want to clean more often.

Can my carpet be ruined by cleaning too much?

NO, Carpet can be cleaned as often as you want with no negative effects on it,

as long as it is cleaned by a professional.

However if the carpet was soaked and the pad never dried, mold, odor, and rot may occur.

Can pet urine spots be removed?

Yes, using special equipment, we can remove urine from carpet, pad, and subflooring.

Why do carpet cleaners say that carpets dry in 1-2 hours and sometimes it takes days?

As a professional we should be honest with our clients. If all cleaners utilize a dry stroke

after every pass, like we are supposed to, the carpet can be dry in as little as 3 hours.

Also we have equipment that can blow air on the carpet and help it dry even faster.

We all know this and if a carpet cleaner says he can have the carpet dry faster than anyone

he may be doing the job right, like we are trained to do. Our machine's vacuum motor is very

close to the carpet so we can actually say our carpets dry within 4 hrs.